Florida's Premier Manufacturer's Representative from 1972

statefl_360Marsh & Moore’s award-winning, experienced sales and marketing team combines solid knowledge of the industry, proven sales methods, superb contacts and advanced information technology to push your sales toward the top. With Marsh & Moore as your representative, you’re assured of the absolute best market coverage with greater market penetration and higher profits for you.

The Marsh & Moore, Inc. sales force is strategically located throughout the entire state of Florida. Our corporate office and warehouse is located in St. Augustine, Florida.  We have nine outside sales representatives and six inside sales representatives.  We also have several bilingual employee fluent in English and Spanish.

With decades of experience, plus total coverage of today’s markets and the latest information technology mean Marsh & Moore is uniquely positioned to deliver unbeatable market presence for your products. We look forward to working with you, today and into the 21st century.

Marsh & Moore was founded in 1972 with Mark Marsh and David Moore as its principals. As the business began to grow over the years, Richard Bohl later joined the company as a third principal in the early 90’s. Marsh & Moore has even taken on the role of not being your “ordinary plumbing manufacturer’s representative”. Unlike other reps in the business, Marsh & Moore has taken the approach of branching off into separate divisions: plumbing, institutional, waterworks, onsite, and irrigation.